Motocross Track: Birch Creek Motorsports Park phone: 434 836-7629

Birch Creek Motorsports Park

2023 AMATEUR Northeast Area Qualifier

Track: Birch Creek Motorsports Park

Event: 2023 AMATEUR Northeast Area Qualifier

Date:05/06/2023 Saturday


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Motosports Park is located just south of Byron off of German Church Rd. German Church Road runs North / South between Highways 72 and 64. The nearest landmark is the Byron Nuclear Power Station (you won't miss it!) GPS coordinates: N 42* 05.262' W 089* 17306' elevation +767ft. From the North and East, find I-90 South to Bypass 20 in Rockford (you can only go one way). Exit Bypass 20 to Hwy 2 South. Hwy 2 into Byron (approximately 14 miles). Turn Left at first lights (Union St.) Follow Union over the Rock River and to a 4-way stop. At 4-way continue traveling straight, up the hill and away from the river. There will be a golf course on your right (no you can't ride there!) Beginning at the 4-way ..see more..
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12725 Kentuck Road
Sutherlin, VA. 24594
Phone: 434 836-7629
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