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Buffalo Creek Motocross

Buffalo Creek is real motocross. Winding outdoor layout, great jumps, diverse obstacles with five different soil types. Buffalo Creek is fun for Amateurs and Beginners, yet challenging for all. 2 mile national caliber Outdoor Track. Natural terrain, elevation changes, some supercross elements. Diverse soil types: loam, clay, sand 1 mile New Track in the Back. Fun, easy jumps; deep loamy soil; small cross country section 1 mile Night Track. Supercross elements with long natural straightaways, like an outdoor track at night. All medium loam and clay Daytona style Supercross sand track. Sand section has been enlarged, great when every other track is closed. Good even when it’s raining. 1 ¼ mile GP style ..see more..
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Edgewood, TX. 75117
Phone: 214.939.4321
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