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Heaven Motorsports Park

The time has come... After 12 1/2 years of being open and providing a fun and challenging Motocross track the time has come for us to close the gates to the public as of Dec 31st 2017. Why? You ask? Simple, lack of... Lack of support, lack of help, lack of intrest, what ever excuse you want to hear we have an answer for it, but when it boils down to a 1 man operation, a second job and lack of appriciation will wear down even the most hardened Motocross Track operator. We tried for over a decade to bring Motocross racing to Raton, but got hit head on with haters from every angle, we talked to Raton city council, they hated us, we tried talking more then 1 time with Grow Raton and even Raton Main street, sure peo..see more..
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Raton, NM. 87740
Phone: 505-445-3558
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